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12 July 2009 @ 11:47 pm

*Watched all of The Ready Set's set because the security dudes wouldn't let us out before their set was over. They were pretty good, actually. Glad I stayed. Even though it was scortching hot inside.
*Went outside and hung out with April. Kinda was watching The Ready Set put their stuff in their trailer.
*Made some new friends: B, Laura, and Sara? I think those were their names. They were cool.
*Walked to Super America all by myself, powerwalking to make sure I didn't miss BLG.
*As I was walking back I saw Christofer Drew from behind and a girl that I met at The Cab.
*Went and said hi to the girl just as Chris was getting off the phone. He was like "Hey girl, what's uppp?" and gave me a big hug.
* We talked about him going to the MOA. I asked him for a picture and he said it would be his honor. I was like, my friends are gonna be jealous and he was like Okay, let's make them jealous. And we took a cute picture.
*Went back up front and told Lauren and she ran to the back to meet him, then a mob of girls followed us. I felt bad.
*Went back up to the front and went inside to watch BLG's set. I could only stay in there for 4 or 5 songs before I was almost dying of heat exhaustion.
*Met all of The Ready Set, had a nice convo with Andy about his night before and gave him a hug, telling him I'd come see their next show.
*Show got over so we went across the street to the park to chill until it cleared out a bit. Hung with Izzy and her friend too.
*Went back after it cleared out and went over by BLG's bus to wait for them. Bryan was the first to come out and he got bombarded.
*He wasn't really smiling for his photos so I asked him to smile for mine because it was for the buzznet contest review thing. He did, it was cute.
*Waited for another 45 minutes until PAUL finally came out. I went up to him and asked him for a photo, we took a cute one. Then I told him about the buzznet contest and he didn't know which one I was talking about, thought it coulda been the valentine one or something. Haha. Silly boy. He's sooo cute though. :)
*Waited for another 45 minutes for Martin to finally come out. He apologized for making us wait and took pictures with everyone. I got two. :)
* Borrowed Bryan's lighter to light my cig. And before that I had kinda told him loudly that he was hot. He was like thank you. Hahah. And smiled.
*Talked to John about cigarettes and took a photo with him. Told him I won the buzznet contest and he asked me to smile and I smiled and he said I had a great smile. :)
*Kevin and Justin from Quietdrive were there and I honestly didn't know Justin's name but I guessed it and he was like wow, how did you know? Got pictue with Kevin and didn't know at the time that Justin was in the band so I didn't ask him for a picture.
*Went to see Christofer Drew again because he was outside his bus and Amy hadn't met him yet.
*Had a photoshoot with him. ;D He's so sweet. He said he felt like a slut for kissing so many girls. Haha. I called him a pimp.
*Talked about weed a little bit. Hahahahahaha.
*Told him goodbye and that we'd see him at warped and he smiled and gave me a bigg hug.

Jordan from The Ready Set. ;D

Justin from The Ready Set.

Andy from The Ready Set!

Bryan Donahue - Boys Like Girls

Paul DiGiovanni <3 - Boys Like Girls

Martin freaking Johnson!

Kevin from Quietdrive. ;D

John Keefe?
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02 July 2009 @ 09:54 pm
I'm just going to do what I did last time and just do some fun facts.

*Creeped in back because Amy had to ask The Cab if they would guestlist her for Michigan.
*Met Johnson, Bryan and Marshall.
*Amy had the bright idea to write on The Cab's van because there was already writing on it so she wrote on it and then Cash yelled at us so we went back up front.
*Saw Singer and gave him our cardboard thing that Holly, Emma, and Emily made. We filled it up with random band people just to make it look like a lot of people signed. He actually thought we got Pat Brown to sign it. Haha.
*Met Adam from Anarbor and saw his brand new tattoo. Someone said they thought it was a potleaf and he laughed and was like "No, it's a mapleleaf."
*Adam was happy when I showed him my Anarbs merch that I was wearing pre-show. And I told him I came just for them, mainly.
*Went around back to put stuff in Izzy's car and Anarbor and The Summer Set asked Izzy to move her car so she did and Adam kept staring at me.
*Went back up front and hung with the girls in line till early entry which was like 10 minutes before doors so we got front but the people in line behind us got right behind us right away because the people suck and didn't let us in early enough.
*Watched Anarbor's set right in front of Adam and Slade. Slade kept staring at me and smiling because I was dancing and like no one else was and he wanted the crowd to be more lively.
*After Anarbor's set I went to talk to Slade, got our lovely photo and I had him talk to Kylie on the phone. I didn't really know what to say to him for some reason. :(
*Went outside and around back to smoke a cigarette and was creepin' on The Summer Set and Anarbor in their van.
*Emily found me and we talked for a bit and creeped on Luis and Josh taking a twitpic that I later made my wallpaper on my phone. Haha.
*Emily asked if I wanted to go drink and I said yes so we went and drank and came back.
*Creeped on Singer, Luis, and Cash's conversation cuz we wanted to find out where Marshall went.
*Went over to Anarbor's van to talk to Greg and almost broke their van mirorr when I was trying to squeeze behind their door to go talk to him. (He told me to go around the door so we could talk)
*Took my photo with Greg and listened in on his conversation with Ryan from Take Cover, said bye and gave him a hug and left.
*He wasn't "feeling good" but I was later told he was just drunk... like me. Haha.
*Went to take a few more shots with Emily.
*Came back and saw Jess Bowen doing her make-up so Emily and I had a nice girly conversation with her and she really enjoyed it because she didn't get to talk to girls all that often. We talked for like 15-20 minutes and then Brian and Singer came over and we left.
*Oh, I asked Jess for some of her perfume because I kinda stank and she sprayed some on me. Haha.
*Went up front and made friends with some girls + Anarbor's merch guy, Matt.
*Went in to watch The Cab, danced, watched with Jess, watched with Stephen and Brian from The Summer Set.
*Went outside and smoked a cigarette with Josh from The Summer Set. Had a nice conversation, then he went to buy cigs with a guy from Eye Alaska.
*Went back in and watched The Cab some more.
*Came out and Josh was back and talked some more. He's totally my fave from TSS. Though I seriously love them all, they're all great people.
*Concert got over and John Gomez came out and asked for a drag of my cigarette so I let him and he took like 2 or 3 but I don't care.
*Had fun conversation with John and Josh, they did some Mighty Ducks chant thing, it was cute.
*Amy asked Josh about guestlisting her and her friends because we didn't get an answer from The Cab.
*Josh asked for her contacts, added her to her phone and texted her.
*I was sad I didn't get his cell number but Amy is going to ask him if I can have it. Haha.
*Said goodbye to Josh and John and left.

I know I left out a lot but I can't remember everything because I was kinda drunk. Here are pics:





Matt + Matt - Anarbs merch guys <3

Friends in line. ;D

The twitpic they took that I witnessed. I was thinking WTF when they were taking it but now I get it. Haha.

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24 June 2009 @ 07:07 pm
I am not going to type up a huge story, just talk about some highlights.

This Providence did an accoustic set consisting of three songs before the show. They are excellent!
Andrew from FNB remembered my name and face. It's only been a month and a week though.
They were excellent of course, and so were the two bands before them (The Bigger Lights and Stereo Skyline).
We didn't watch This Providence and only saw a couple songs by Hey Monday cuz it was so hot in the venue.
Chris from FNB is sooo hilarious and is like my bff. We talked about Demi Lovato, haha.
Mike from Hey Monday is also very funny and super sweet. He's my little leprachaun that can't spell.
Robby from FNB hates me. ;X Well, not really but I didn't think he liked me much.
Cassadee Pope is sooooo sweet, we also talked about Demi Lovato, haha. And took three pictures together. I got the biggest hug from her.
Rob from Stereo Skyline was the only guy that would come talk to us at the Denny's All-Nighter, because we were in a seperate part of the restaurant cuz the place they were sitting was full up. He was so sweet too.
Kevin from Stereo Skyline has a unique voice, he's so cute. He sang Build Me Up Buttercup as a sing-a-long.
Brian from Stereo Skyline is the hottest guy I have ever seen, no lie.
DBlaise and Cassadee are adorable together, I saw them walking and holding hands.
We fit 9 people in a 5 person car on the car-ride to Denny's. Lauren was in the trunk. Hahaha.
Andrew twitpic'd a picture of my friends and I and said he loved us. Haha.
Topher from The Bigger Lights is amazing, we're also bffs.
That's it. WONDERFUL night. OHHHH and Andrew did accoustic again. Lots of peoples this time though.


This Providence after their accoustic set.

Andrew Goldstein - The Friday Night Boys
Andrew: I think the lighting in this picture is so cool.
ME: I concur.

Topher Talley - The Bigger Lights

Dan Young - This Providence
ME: Hi Dan, I'm Danni.
Dan: Hi Danni, I'm Dan.

Andrew's twitpic. ;D

Chris - The Friday Night Boys
I look retarded but I was trying to imitate his face but I failed obviously.

Mike Gentile - Hey Monday
I was laughing because Chris from FNB was saying that I was making the picture look good and stuff. Haha. And just being funny.

Mike again.
I just kind of jumped into Amy's picture. She wasn't mad though. Haha.

Chris and Cassadee - The Friday Night Boys and Hey Monday
Chris was putting his head in front of my face and I was telling him so as the picture was being taken.
Fail #1.

Chris and Cassadee again.
I don't know what happened here but Fail #2.
Cass looks pretty as usual though.

Chris and Cassadee again.
This was the winner. Haha.

Robby - The Friday Night Boys
I asked him to take the picture and he said he took bad pictures but that he'd crouch down. Haha.

I thought I screwed up the last picture so I said let's  take another.
I love how he's advertising their CD in both of mine.

Brian - Stereo Skyline

Rob - Stereo Skyline
He was the sweetest.

Kevin - Stereo Skyline
He's adorable. Haha I had my camera on video and:
ME: Oops, my video's on camera.
Kevin: Haha, it happens.

He told us we had to sing along otherwise he wouldn't play it. Hahah. Sorry.
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18 May 2009 @ 11:07 am

So we got there at like 2pm and walked around for a bit. Contemplating going to the Science Museum because Rian and Jack tweeted that they were there but decided against it. Then we went up and waited to get our wristbands at about 4 pm. They didn't get the wristbands till like 4:15 and then it was absolute chaos in there. It's like this lonng hallway and it's so small and it was SOOO crowded. Finally they made us line up in three lines, one was FOB early entry, the second was FOB meet and greet, and the third was All Time Low/Metro Station meet and greet. About 5 minutes later they took us in where the merch booths were (just the ATL/MS meet and greet) and then Matt comes up and waits for everyone to get in. He says we're waiting 10 more minutes for latecomers but asks who's here for Metro Station. TWO people raise their hand and they go somewhere else.

I go ask Matt for a picture and he says wait till we're inside. I shrug it off and go to stand with my friends again. Then Matt leads us into the ground floor area. He explains the rules to us and we laugh about something he said, I forgot exactly what. Something about you can do anything within reason. 5 minutes later the guys come out and we stare them down. They're halfway to us when they say something about swine flu and that we can't come any close and Zack starts holding his arms out in front of them like a bodyguard or something. Then they come over and Zack is still like protecting them and finally they just go their seperate ways. Rian was giving us all gum, well what he had left of it. It was really sweet of him. Of course I got some. :) He's talking about something with us, forgot exactly what but then I pull my candle out of my bag and hand it to him. His face brightens and he says thank you thank you cuz it's a big one! Then he reads the side of the candle aloud and is like AWWW thanks girlll and gives me a huge hug.

Then I think I went to Alex. We didn't really talk about much but I looked at this dogtag he got from a fan (she was giving each of them one) that said his name and vocals and army or something and I was like "So Alex, you're a singer in the army?" and he's like "HELL YEAH" I forgot what I said after that but it cause him to take the person's magazine and swatted me in the head. Haha. It was cute. Well then I decided to go over to Jack and we high fived and took a picture but he's like WAIT I MOVED LET'S DO ANOTHER. So we took another better one and it was cute. I gave him a big hug and moved on to Zack. So I walk up to him and point at his shoes and go "Heeey my shoes are kinda like that" and show him my shoes. He's like "Kind of, but mine are real silver so they're better." And I'm like "Real silver? Really? Those musta cost a lot!" and he's like "No, not really. Haha." Then we took a picture and he was smiling real big and it was cute.

Then Kristen asked Alex if he'd go over by Jack so she could get a picture with both of them so he did and she took her picture and I'm like ME NEXT and just kinda jumped in there. Haha in that picture neither of them smiled and it was sad. I still like it though. I have to wait for Kristen to put it up so I can share with you guys. Then we all kind of crowded around getting ready for the twitpic and I was kinda kneeling on the ground and all the guys came up and sat right in front of me and my friends. Rian was right in front of me and Jack on the other side of him so I kinda leaned again Rian and during one of the two twitpics I gave Rian bunny ears, haha. I hope they post it.

Then they wave goodbye and skip off, it was cute.

Hey Monday

My best friend and I decided we'd go up in the balcony until All Time Low and so we were like right up front and creepin' on Pat Brown right below me until Hey Monday started. They were good but not excellent you know. At the last song a bunch of people came on in FOB gear I think with yellow tape and the marcarena started playing and they tried to tape all the peeps in Hey Monday together and then Cassadee started doing the marcarena and yeah. It was funny.

Metro Station

We had to move for Metro Station because people who had the seats we were in wanted them back so we went stage left (Zack's side) and sat like 2 rows from the bottom. We saw everyone underneath us before they went onstage and it was great. The highlight of Metro's set was when someone in a big bunny costume came onstage during Shake It and started shaking it's tail. Hahah.


Oh my God I officially loveee them after that set last night. I sang/danced along with all the songs and during Hollaback Boy Gabe's like "I'm gonna bring my girlfriend on stage to sing for you all, okay?" and Jeffree Star came onstage and sang a little bit. It was... interesting. And then during another part of their set all of the guys of Sing It Loud  (minus Pat) came onstage and started doing this cute little dance and ah I was so happy to see that. And it was amazing.

All Time Low!

To be honest I don't remember much of what went on because I was just too into it. The ground floor wasn't too into it (we decided to stay stage left because we could see better there) they were just like standing there and Alex was trying to make them move around but I think they were tired out from Metro. Ew. I don't remember much else because it was just amazing but there weren't really any pranks except some of the guys in Hey Monday came out during the first song in FOB gear and were like jumpin' on Zack and Jack's backs and it was funny. ATL did amazing as usual.

Fall Out Boy

Before FOB we were wandering around on the ground floor and I decided to go over where I saw the SIL dudes before and see if they were there again and NATE WAS. I went up to him, tapped him on his shoulder, he turned around and his face brightened up and he was like HAY GIRL! and gave me a huge hug. He's like I see you everywhere! Then we talked about Cobra and him getting on stage and I asked if it was planned and he was like naw, Gabe just asked us to come on and we just made up a dance on the spot. Haha. Then I was like can we get another picture and he's like OF COURSE, we took a picture but the first one he had his eyes closed haha so he's like LETS TAKE ANOTHER. And we took a better one. I look like shit but he looks cute. Then he gave me another hug and was like "Well thank you for coming to say hi to me. It really makes my night when you come say hi because you do at every show!" (I had seen him at FTSK the night before) and he gave me another long hug and rubbed my back and yeah. I smiled, waved and left.

Then FOB started and ATL (minus Rian and plus Gabe) came onstage in their undies and stood still with their hands over their private places next to these swat dudes. It's hilarious you have seen the pictures on the thread. Jack was over by Gabe and they were like sippin' on something in a big glass. It was funny.

The rest of FOB's set was good, I enjoyed it but halfway through Michaella called me and we went out to the merch area to meet her. Then we see Ben from Sing It Loud so I go up to him and asked him if he'd take a picture with me because I didn't get one at their show and he's like LET'S DO IT! And we took our photo. Then we went back and Michaella went who knows where but I turned and saw her over by Vinny and so I went over there and smiled and said HI VINNY! He's like hello and gave me a high five that turned into him lacing his fingers with mine momentarily and it was cute. Haha. I asked for a picture and he said sure and the whole time he was like rubbing my back. Felt kinda good cuz my shoulders were sore. I smiled, thanked him and told him to enjoy the rest of his night.

Then watched the rest of the set. Was good, but the best part was the very last song when ALL of the bands came onstage and went crazy and Pete took his shirt off and went into the crowd and it was great!!

That was my night. Was WONDERFUL!





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Okay so we got there and found Kristin and Kylie and hung out with them. We talked to ARTTM right when they got there and Halvo totally remembered me, he remembered that I made fun of him. I asked him for a hug and he was like Maaaybe. And we got two cute photos. Then I gave Loren his candy bars and he was like soo happy about that plus the cake my friends made for them. Then we saw Andrew and I waved to him and he came over and gave me a hug and we started talking and I told him I wanted to know the secret he told KC and we did two little handshakes, one was a hand hug and the other was this rocketship one that was so cute. Honestly didn't talk to Nick much but during TFNB I went up to him and gave him my flower and he put it in their merch table tip jar thing so people look out for it! We got a cute photo and then I talked to NATE FLYNN and he gave me two hugs and we talked about TFNB and BND tomorrow. TFNB were absolutely amazing on stage and I was totally jammin'.

Went outside and talked to Andrew again, got like 29 hugs cuz he like kept hugging me every 10 seconds. Haha. Told him we wanted to have a listening party and he said FOR SURE and to find him after the show. Then we went back inside and JAMMED to ARTTM. Dude the crowd was sooo loud for them. They said it was the best show they have seen on this tour so far. Went outside again, talked to Andrew some more.. hugs, high fives, la dee da. Then went to watch Cash Cash. Was standing by Nate Flynn like the whole time and jammin' with him and his girlfriend. Then we went outside and watched JP from Cash Cash change and my friend got a picture. Haha. Got a picture with him, talked about random stuff, saw some drag people and JP held back a laugh haha.

Then we went inside to watch FTSK and I got really hot so I went outside and watched them from this open door with some other people. Sam from CC came up and was like dancing with me, it was so cute. Then I took like 3 pictures with Alex from CC. Haha. Then the show was over and I went to find Justin and Loren cuz I hadn't really talked to them all night. Talked to them a bit, they seemed like they remembered me but who knows. Loren thanked me for the candy bars again and I got my photos with them. Then went to find Andrew to find out when the listening paarty was and it didn't end up being till like 20 minutes after he said it was. JCook was by their trailer and being funny I yelled real loud "OMG IT'S JONATHAN COOK!" and like a whoole bunch of people ran over. JCook laughed and waved at me and kinda gave me a glare but then smiled. I didn't get to meet him but that was awesome.

Then Andrew took me and like 11 other girls over to have an accoustic little show, he did That's What She Said and another song that I forgot what it was called but I have a video of it. My friend Kaytee was crying so when he was done I told Andrew she was crying but he came and gave me a hug and I was like NO my friend was, and he gave her a hug. Haha. Then he's like do you guys wanna come listen to some of the new CD in our van? And of course we all did, we opened the door to their van and who was sitting there but Jeffree Star. Haha so we climbed in and I sat on a seat and Andrew sat kinda on the ground next to me. I kept talking to him throughout the listening party and he kept giving me hugs. He told me to tell Gaskarth hi cuz I told him I was seeing him tomorrow and I'm like OF COURSE. Then we got out after the listening party and I got like 10 MORE hugs from him and my bff got a picture where he's like holding her in his arms. It's adorable. I got twooooo cute photos with him and needless to say I love Andrew Goldstein now. The end. :)

WONDERFUL night. Best night of my life.

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11 April 2009 @ 02:09 am
So, we got to the venue and the line was like a block long and I decided I didn't want to wait in it so I started walking up and saw that John had come out to meet with the fans. So we went up there and waited while like 38 girls tried to get pictures with him. When we finally got to the front I asked him to sign my AP mag cover and then took a picture with him. Then we got out of his fan surrounding and saw Nick walk by so I was like YO NICK, he smiled and walked over to me. Then all these other chicks came over and were omg take a picture with me so I stood there patiently and waited for him to get down with them. He turned to me, smiled and said whats up, sorry about that. Oh yeah, I told him John had to change because he smelled and Nick was like that's because he puked all over that shirt. LOL. And then we got to talking, I asked him if he was gonna be on the FTSK show and he said yes and I said I was going to be there so remember me and he said we would. Then we took our photo together and I asked him to do a heart with our hands and we did it and a girl was like OMG you took my idea. I just rolled my eyes and laughed a bit. Kelsey took the first photo by surprise and so we took another one, the one with the heart. After that I went over to Justin and Eric and we were talking about the weather a bit and then I told Justin I loved Brighten's new song and he smiled really wide and said thank you so much, that means a lot to me. Then I took my picture with the two of them. Then, when I was taking Kelsey's picture with them I was like Eric you have a weird smile. And he got offended and I said soorry I didn't mean it. Haha. Then we went up to Quizno's because we saw John walking up there and because we were thirsty. We were almost there and we saw John. I grinned, yelled John and waved at him. He waved back. So cute. Then we went in to watch A Rocket To The Moon who were AMAZING. After that we went up to use the restroom and we have to go RIGHT next to the stage in order to use the bathroom so Nick came off stage, I held my thumbs up and said good job.. He smiled, said thank you and came to give me a HUGE hug, best hug of my life. I went to the bathroom and when I got out Kennedy was sitting right next to the stage practicing because he was performing 3 oh 9 I think with Hit the Lights.


Then we went to the ARTTM merch booth and bonded with the guy, dunno his name. He got me my CD. Then we moved over to The Maine's merch and omg their merch guy is so cutee. He kept calling me baby. I got the Won't Stop bracelet and then tipped him and got a couple posters, a bunch of stickers and stuff. Then Nick came over and I went to talk to him again. I asked him to call my best friend Kaytee and he did. Kaytee said the conversation was good, but I couldn't hear it. I'm not going to type it all up because that's useless typing but let's just say it was a cute message. I got Nick to sign my poster I just got from their merch guy, he did. My friend asked him to write her a note and he actually wrote A NOTE on there, lol. We laughed about it, I called him a smart ass, told him I'd see him later and went outside. Wait, first we watched Hit The Lights. Then we went back outside and went down by ARTTM's van and John, Loren and Eric were chatting with some ladies. I just stood there next to the pole staring at Loren and eventually he was like what up? And blah blah, we talked but I can't remember about what. Took our picture, like three of them cuz my friend screwed up my camera. Haha then they said something about Jailbait and I was like WHAT, I'm not jailbait, I'm 20. John laughed and was like nooo not you. I went over to Eric and he was mean mugging me because he still was mad at me for calling his smile weird. And I was like Oh Eric, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. Then I went and hugged him tight. I asked him what his favorite candy was and he said he wasn't much of a candy guy and to talk to Loren. Found out Loren liked willy wonka shit and I promised to get him some for the next time I saw them in May. Then John just randomly started dancing and I was like WAIT, and got my camera and recorded the video cuz the other two joined in. It was so amazing. Then John's like I need to go because the show is in 10 mins. So he left and I gave Loren a quick hug and stuck my tongue out at Eric. He smiled. Haha. Then we went in to watch The Maine. Halfway through their set I realized I lost my phone. Went looking for it, met some cool people who helped me.. and then went outside again.


We went over kind of by the back way that the guys go in and then all of a sudden John comes walking down with the towel on his head. I smiled and waved like a crazy woman and when he got to me I said excellent show, or what I saw of it at least. He was like what, why didn't you see it all? And I was like Because I lost my cell phone. He frowned andwas like that sucks. And then he was like, I smell like sweat so I'm going to go change. And he left. Then Kennedy came by, I smiled and waved and he did the same and kept walking. Then Jared, I didn't even notice him. :o Then Garrett. :D I was like Garrett come here please. I want to take a picture with you. He was coughing a lot but he came over to me, smiled and got ready to take a picture. We took our little heart picture and then I was like I have something to give you and I gave him his bracelet. He started laughing and was like what, I've never heard the nickname gnick before. Thanks so much. Then he said he had to go and left. Then Pat came and I got my picture with him. He's so cute. Then they were all gone.


Then we went in and watch 3OH!3's set which was fucking AMAZING and went back outside, nothing happened at this time. Kelsey found Brian Nagan from Four Letter Lie and took picture with him. Haha. Then finally FF5 came on and we went to watch them. I didn't watch it all so I went outside. I called for Garrett when he passed and he like ignored me. Oh well. Then after FF5 was done and my friends came out we went over by The Maine's bus and Jared was out there so we went up to him and I took my picture with him, I was laying my head on his shoulder. He's so cute. And then my friend asked if she could take her picture with her and I was like no! And Jared's like yeah. And I was like Jared, you need to stop being so nice. Say no sometime. He was like No, then turned and walked toward his bus. Then he turned back around and started laughing. It was so cute. Then we moved on and I went to get my magazine signed by Garrett because at the time they were all out right there minus Pat. Garrett signed it and I asked him if he liked silver and he said it was an alright color. Haha, then I asked him about my bracelet and he was like Oh, it's in my bunk. And smiled. Then we went and waited for Kennedy. There were so many girls around him. Haha. We got up to him, we talked about Minnesota, his brother, and the Guthrie Theater and I took my ADORABLE photo with him. He's so gorgeous. Then we went out, I called my mom and we saw John. He made this cute video for my friend's friend and then I was like WE MEET AGAIN. He smiled and said SO WE DO! Then we got to talking about Minnesota and Sing It Loud. Haha. We told him we'd see him at warped and he said he couldn't wait. Then I gave him the biggest hug and we were on our merry way.


On the other side of the street we saw Pat so we went up to him and we all gave him huge hugs and I hugged him really tight and picked him up off the ground. He squeeled. Haha it was cutee. We talked to him about some stuff and he said he had a bad memory. Then we went around the side to see FF5. We saw Crouton first and talked to him about the weather and he was like litterally shivering. We took our pictures with him and yeah. Then Soul Glow came out and I took his picture with a bunch of girls. Then I went up to him and he is literally MY HEIGHT, I was so happy. We didn't really talk much. Then we went and saw Chapstique and talked to him about a bunch of random stuff and then took cute pictures. And hugg. And the end. Oh wait, then we went to wait to talk to Shawn from 3OH!3, but not before going over to Eric and Loren again. Eric mean mugged me again and smiled. I asked for a hug and he obliged. And then I got a nice hug from Eric. THEN we went and took our picture with Shawn. Didn't say much to him. He's so cute though.



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13 March 2009 @ 01:49 am







Yes, it's only Nixon and Ryan because Brand was too far away.. I couldn't get a good focus on Chris.. and Luke was too close. Haha. And Nixon and Ryan are gorgoeus. SO GORGEOUS.


I look horrible in the first picture, but Brandon looks hottt. And I look good in the second one but Ryan looks weird, lol.

Overall, tonight was the best concert I have ever been too! People didn't lie when they said they were amazing live!!!!!

- Danni
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04 December 2008 @ 03:57 pm

credit: aartesia <3
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